Greetings from Caline Artists International

Since 1987, Caline Artists International has been promoting Canadian artists of distinction across North America, Europe and Asia. Our artists have been chosen for their high artistic calibre, their entertaining style and their love of performing.

Caline’s artists are involved in multiple artistic projects around the globe, as well as in their own communities, bringing a wealth of performing arts experience wherever they perform – through workshops, clinics, collaborations with local performing ensembles,  pre & post concert talks, receptions and events. Caline is pleased to be working with Ken Lavigne Tiller’s Folly , Joëlle Rabu & Nico Rhodes, Hogtown Brass, Eric Harper Lion Bear Fox Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes – ROOTS & GROOVES  , Bruce Coughlan, Ryan McMahon, Rant Maggie Rant, Melanie Dekker, String Bone and a three special projects – The Great Canadian Songbook , Voices for the Salish Sea and The Barcelona Clarinet Players.

Caline Artists International announced a partnership with Magnum Opus Management in September 2017. We will promote our artists together through the Maverick Cooperative . Please feel free to call either Margot Holmes or Debbie Peters to book the Maverick Cooperative Artists .

Kindest Regards,

Margot C. Holmes
Caline Artists International