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Joëlle Rabu - Full Circle (2014)

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Full Circle showcases the vocal prowess for which Joëlle is known (Tonight…Piaf), combined with the piano virtuosity of her son, Nico Rhodes. It speaks to both heart and soul, spanning an emotional gamut from vulnerable to powerhouse, velvet to whisky and regret to salvation. Well-known for her ability to delve into several musical styles. What makes this album unique and entertaining is the connection she has with her accompanist pianist, Nico Rhodes – who is Joëlle’s son and making his own headlines as an award winning musician on the Canadian composition, jazz and musical theatre scenes. Full Circle expresses the laughter, the heartache; the bittersweet moments of the past quarter century experienced by both mother and son. The album was recorded on a creative whim, no overdubs, no multiple takes, all live…performed with a simple mutual desire to sing, to play, to breathe together.

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