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The Great Canadian Songbook is a show that highlights some of the greatest Canadian songs of the past and present taking audiences on a musical journey from Bon Vista to Vancouver Island! Performers Ken Lavigne, Tiller’s Folly and Diyet , feature the music by Leonard Cohen, Stan Rogers, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Buffy St. Marie, Anne Murray & Stomp'in Tom Connors in addition to contemporary artists including the Bare Naked Ladies, Blue Rodeo and original songs by the Great Canadian SongBook performers.

Ken Lavigne, Tiller's Folly and Diyet have created this show in celebration of Canada's 150th Anniversary Celebrations. They have followed each other on stages at showcase events across North America and always talked about performing together and finally it will happen to celebrate Canada!

Ken Lavigne is a singer, songwriter, storyteller and consummate entertainer who has charmed his way into the hearts of concert goers across North America with his exciting blend of classical tenor sound and modern style. Ken’s career has taken many artistic directions that includes current touring shows: The Road to Carnegie Hall, with 30 shows each year where Ken shares his dream of singing at the iconic Carnegie Hall and fulfilling that dream with a sold out show to his very popular Christmas show - The Ken Lavigne Christmas RoadShow with 20 shows in December 2016.

Tiller’s Folly continues to make music that is both distinctly Canadian and firmly rooted in the acoustic tradition as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2017!  They have spread their memorable blend of energy, history, musicality, romance and just plain fun! Tiller's award winning productions continue to expand and refine their potent mix of acoustic & electric based, Celtic influenced Canadiana, Americana, Newgrass 'and beyond.' Tiller’s Folly is Bruce Coughlan, Nolan Murray and Laurence Knight .

Diyet - Born in a tent, raised in a two room cabin, classically trained in opera, now an alternative folk artist. This sub-Arctic-Southern Tutchone-Japanese-Tlingit-Scottish-Yukoner is your typical Canadian - the result of a long cold winter.  Diyet’s music is like her life - a mix of this and that but deeply rooted in the values of a traditional northern life.   Her debut album, The Breaking Point, went on to receive nominations for “Best New Artist” and “Songwriter of the Year” at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards in 2010 and 2011, “Album of the Year” at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and remained on the Canadian Aboriginal Music Countdown for 24 weeks.


What is your favourite song on this Great Canadian Songbook show...
(Other than your own songs) and why? Share the memory of why?
Why are you excited about this collaboration?


Why am I excited about this collaboration?

I am really enjoying the rediscovery of some of these Canadian songs, tunes that I have been humming for a long time but actually having an excuse to really sink my teeth and perform properly,has been awesome. That and listening to these great performers (Tillers and Diyet) has been a real thrill.

Favourite song?

Impossible to answer really, but I would say Stan Rogers' Northwest Passage .


Universal Solider, 100%. This song has never been more relevant to me then at this time in the state of the world. A great and lasting song will always be teetering on the edge because it speaks truths that we don't want to hear or be reminded of. And isn't that the job of the poet and artist to speak the truth in a language that we can all understand and can't forget?



Why the Great Canadian Songbook?

As Canadians, I think we search for identity within a diverse Canadian cultural landscape. Our vision of the Great Canadian Songbook is based on our experiences growing up in the 1960s and 70s. The Great Canadian Songbook for Millennials might look and sound entirely different

2017 is a significant year for Tiller’s Folly, why is that?

This is Canada’s 150 th Birthday and it marks 20 years that Tiller’s Folly have been performing songs and stories drawn from Canadian history.

I understand Tiller’s Folly has been involved in another collaboration of sorts:

Tiller’s Folly and the Wilds release a Bring Lolita Home, etc.

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