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Tiller's Folly Promotional and Technical Information

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TILLER'S FOLLY Tech Sheet (download PDF)

Tiller's Folly tech rider decent front end and preferably 3 separate mixes in the 3 monitors and a competent experienced sound technician.   Minimum requirements two mixes stage right 1 mix and stage left other mix and amps listed below.

3 chairs    
Small guitar amp   bass amp
2 DI's  1 amp mic Vocal/DI Vocal \ DI
Monitor Wedge Monitor wedge Monitor wedge
XLR's come from behind XLR @stagefront            XLR @stagefront                       



We can use two monitors with two mixes but the monitors would have to be high end like EAW, Mackie, JBL or similar.   We will supply amps and DI's on any drive in performance but will need backline on fly in shows. Minimum Stage size 8' deep X 16' wide

RE Lighting nice warm scenes with some highlighting of the three artists positions

I would be happy to discuss any of these items and needs.

For any questions please either email or call Laurence Knight @ 604-541-9798